Team bonding food tours.

Over the past few months our team bonding food tours have been very popular here in London. We’ve enjoyed hosting teams from local offices as well as those visiting us for conferences and events. Food is always a great reason to get people together. After the covid pandemic it has never been more important to strengthen your work teams bond. And what better way to do it than on a food tour. Sampling some of the best bites in London and learning about some great stories along the way.

So what exactly is a team bonding food tour?

We’ve all done those team building afternoons where half of the office don’t want to be there. Perhaps its a physically challenging exercise or it’s just not interesting.
By using food as the main subject you automatically include everyone. We all need to eat, we all have memories of food (good and bad). Everyone has an opinion of food and as such your team bonding event is guaranteed to be more inclusive and memorable.
A typical team building food tour takes about 3 hours. As each group is private we are very flexible with the time of day we host the events but we find many people enjoy an afternoon session.
Over the course of 3 hours we explore an area of London and visit approximately 6 locally run, independent food businesses. At each business we enjoy a dish or a drink (sometimes both) that each establishment is famous for. Again, as each corporate group is private we tailor the dishes to suit your dietary requirements.
Our expert food tour guides will lead the way, sharing stories and fun facts throughout the tour.

Who would benefit from a corporate team food tour?

Well the simple answer is anyone looking to do something different with their team. Something inclusive that everyone can enjoy. Something memorable but also with a social conscience. By taking a team building food tour you are supporting at least 6 local food and drink businesses. It doesn’t need saying that at the moment many of these businesses are doing all they can to survive so it’s great that we can help them whilst enjoying our tour.

How to reserve your teams food tour.

It’s as simple as sending an email to our corporate team
We’ll arrange a quick call with you to find out your needs, number and possible dates. We’ll create a few otpions for you and from there we’ll go forward and tailor make the perfect team event.
We can’t wait to show you all around some of our favourite areas of London and especially our favourite food stops.

A group on a team bonding food tour in London