Where to Find London’s Best Fish and Chips?

Whether you eat them out of the paper on the way home or on the wall outside the shop, nothing beats a good fish and chips. This iconic British meal is a delicious reward at the end of a long day or ideal to soak up the aftermath of a night out. 

At London Bites, we love a good chippie tea any day of the week. But with all of London to find your new local, where should you begin? We’ve rounded up our reliable faves across the city’s four corners so you don’t have to! From classic chips to vegan flavours, we’ve got you covered.

Exploring the city through its dishes is our method of choice. If you need advice on where to wow your tastebuds, get in touch. From our East End Food Tours to our local expertise, you won’t find better guides to the capital’s unique culinary scene. 

Poppie’s, Various London Locations

Poppie’s is a popular tourist destination, but it’s genuinely worth the hype. With restaurants dotted around the city at Soho, Camden, and Spitalfields, Poppie’s combines fifties aesthetic and nostalgic flavours — we’re looking at you, jellied eels — with local fish from Billingsgate Market. 

The owner, Pat ‘Pop’ Newland, knows a thing or two about this delectable dish. He started his career at the age of 11 cutting up old newspapers to wrap chips. Now, over 50 years later, his chain of chippies is a huge success.

If you want your saveloy with a slice of East End living history, Poppie’s is the place for you.

The Golden Hind, Marylebone

Nestled in the heart of Marylebone Village, The Golden Hind is not strictly a chippie, but this friendly west London pub serves a cracking dish of fresh fish. Established in 1914, the pub has become one of the premier places for this potato-based dish.

Offering several types of fish either fried in groundnut oil or steamed with olive oil and oregano, this LGBTQ-friendly pub has been updated to meet modern tastebuds. The Golden Hind is great for large servings under £20. Not bad for west London!

Fish Lounge, Brixton

This south London chippie is a hidden gem. Spotlessly clean and the cheapest on our list, you can dine in at Fish Lounge without worrying about your wallet. The small dining area is a welcome retreat from the bustling Brixton Hill road and the staff is incredibly welcoming.

Just a 13-minute walk from Brixton tube, it’s a nice little spot to pop into after a few pints. With fresh fish that is sustainably sourced, this local chippie does what it says on the tin. No frills, just the straight-up classic.

close shot fish & chips

Gigs, Fitzrovia

Smack bang in the middle of a historical hub, Gigs fish and chips bring a flavour of their own to London’s streets. Offering a Cypriot twist to the traditional dish, the staff at Gigs have been using their Mediterranean methods of cooking dishes over natural wood charcoal since 1958.

Gigs is located in central London, just five minutes from Goodge St and Warren St station. It’s a great place to refuel after visiting the British Museum or strolling around the streets of Bloomsbury. Gigs has been going strong for 60 years and at £15.50 for a big portion, we’re not surprised!

Bikes & people infront of BT Tower, Cleveland Street, London

Sutton and Sons, Various London Locations

Heading a little further to the northeast of London, our final fave is Sutton and Sons. With more than 20 years of experience serving fish and chips in Hackney, this chippie branched out into vegan food in 2018. 

After trialling vegan options to the menu at the original Stoke Newington store, the Hackney branch now serves vegan food only. Rather than the classic tofu for ‘tofish’, Sutton and Sons opt for banana blossom as a base for their fish and chips

So why not try a refreshing plant-based version of this classic, without sacrificing any of the flavours?

Fish & Chips red neon Sign
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Whether you prefer your fish and chips with pickled egg, pickled onion, or pickled nothing, we hope this list will have you keen to find your new favourite fish and chip spot. Have we missed your lovely local? Let us know! We’re always happy to wrap our tastebuds around more chip-shop chips.

While London Bites calls the East End home, we’re always exploring the streets to find the best local businesses. If you’re keen to explore our home patch, try our London East End Food Tour! Or, if you’re looking for something further afield, get in touch and we’ll whip up the best recommendations for your delicious day trip.  

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