When is the Best Time to Visit London?

Visitors need to know about the climate when travelling to certain countries. From hurricane seasons to arctic-like winter conditions, some holiday destinations present holidaymakers with challenging conditions requiring specialist clothing and strict safety procedures.

Fortunately, those heading to London can expect reasonably mild winters and temperature weather summers! Sure, you’ll need a raincoat (this is Britain, after all), but tourists are unlikely ever to find their plans significantly disrupted by the weather.

So, when is the best time to visit London? Well…our answer might frustrate you. Ultimately, there is no best – it all depends on the holiday you want to enjoy!

As we’re often asked questions about the notoriously inclement British weather, we thought we’d set the record straight and outline how, apart from some downpours, you’ll find it easy to enjoy a trip to London at any time of year! We’ll also highlight some of our favourite activities for each season. 

And, while you’re here, be sure to check out our range of Foodie Tours of London – there’s no better way to unlock a culture than through its cuisine, and London offers a truly exciting, diverse culinary scene.

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London in Spring

You can generally expect favourable weather when travelling to London in the spring. Spring runs from March to May, and temperatures average between 6°C to 13°C. Bring with you at least one warm jacket and some sweaters, so you’re ready if the temperature falls. As an old British saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

The tourist season tends to get into its stride during the spring, so expect to see London bustling with fellow travellers.

Our Choice for What to Do During Spring in London

According to the official government website for London, the city possesses a remarkable 3,000 parks! Put simply, London is a delightfully green city, and it’s only getting greener. Apparently, if the entire population of central London (almost 8.5 million people) decided to climb a tree, they’d have one each. 

For those of you travelling to London during springtime, we recommend exploring the city’s gardens and green spaces. For peace and quiet in an expansive green space, choose Richmond Park. To explore an iconic London park in the heart of the city, try Hyde Park – be sure to check out the heated debates and sermons on the famous Speakers’ Corner.

Don’t miss the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew to appreciate beautiful flowers and plants. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic Kew Gardens are home to over 50,000 plants.

Tower bridge London

London in Summer

London’s summers run between June and August and are defined by an exuberant festival spirit. High temperatures generally reach about 23°C, and lows rarely sink below 15°C. Expect to be comfortable in light clothing, but come prepared for cooler evenings – and always carry a trusty umbrella or packable rain jacket.

Our Choice for What to Do During Summer in London

London summers are alive with people enjoying beer gardens, following the summer’s sporting events (such as the tennis at iconic Wimbledon), and generally enjoying some much-deserved rays of sunshine!

We recommend summer travellers benefit from the sunnier days and explore London’s fantastic food and drink scene! Get out, sample street foods on Brick Lane, and then treat yourself to a refreshing drink. Once suitably revitalised, go and explore the city’s many amazing markets!

Timeout London has helpfully compiled a couple of guides you should really get to know:

National history museum

London in Autumn

Those arriving between September and November can expect a colder, quieter London. The autumn weather often hovers around 10 to 12°C and is the city’s wettest season. However, it’s not all doom and gloom! You get a city with fewer tourists, and accommodation costs are considerably cheaper. Traditional British food and drink also tend to lend themselves to the colder days – find a cosy spot to enjoy a cask-drawn ale and some pie and mash.

Our Choice for What to Do During Autumn in London

Autumn is the ideal time to explore London’s world-beating selection of art galleries and museums. There are more than 170 museums in London, many of which are free to enter!

The jewels in London’s cultural crown would have to feature the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Tate Britain, National Portrait Gallery, and the V&A

London in Winter

Okay, so travelling to London in winter will require woolly hats and a thick coat! However, you also get to enjoy the city at perhaps its most romantic season. It’s also pantomime season, so those travelling with children can head to the city’s famous West End to catch an evening show. 

Temperatures will range from about 5°C to 10°C, you can excerpt rain, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a truly Dickensian season blanketed in snow. 

Our Choice for What to Do During Winter in London

Alongside heading to the theatre, winter is a good time of year to treat yourself to some shopping in London (an early Christmas present for yourself, perhaps?).

Visit Convent Garden to soak up the festive atmosphere and get yourself into Christmas cheer! Not only is Convent Garden excellent for some winter shopping, but it’s also home to a beautiful Christmas tree each year, and plenty of mulled wine can be imbibed.

A trip to the historic department store Fortnum and Mason is also a top choice for those who can’t contain themselves when Santa is on his way!

This brings to a close our discussion of when it’s best to visit London. As you can see, every time of year offers something unique. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch