What are Some Unique Places to Eat in London?

London City

London is a melting pot full of delicious foods. The city attracts 30 million tourists every year, so it perhaps can be hard to imagine that there are some hidden gems in the Big Smoke! We are here to tell you that not only are there hidden gems in London, but places even the locals haven’t heard of.

Want to experience a guided tour of the best-hidden spots in London? Why not take a look at our London food tours and if you have any questions at all please, get in touch. Right then, without further ado — let’s take a look at some of the best hidden-gem eateries in London!

The Jam, Chelsea

The Jam is a pretty cool place to go to in London and is unlike any other restaurant you’d have been to. The Jam has been around since 1972 and has been a tourist attraction for 46 years. It’s an Italian restaurant with “treehouse” style seating, where you can climb up to your table.

The IG-worthy layout isn’t the only reason to visit, though; as foodies, we have to discuss their food! Either opt to share small plates of dishes like Gnocchi with slow-cooked Tuscan sausage and pesto truffle mushroom or, if you’re feeling particularly decadent and adventurous, opt for black squid ink linguine. Don’t feel like sharing? Don’t worry; you can upsize to a full portion.

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market

Spitalfields Market is often seen as the gateway to Shoreditch and Brick Lane. It’s got that true spirit of community — which is exactly what you would expect from an East London Market. The market is one of the quirkier places to visit. Here are two places we recommend you visit while you’re here:

Chai Guys

Chai Guys

Chai is comprised of a mixture of aromatic spices steeped in tea-like beverages. It’s a beverage with many regional variations spanning cultures, towns, and families. And no one does chai better in London than Chai Guys.

Make sure to try their Kadak Chai: a creamy and indulgent blend of cardamom and cinnamon.

Mama’s Goodies

Mama’s Goodies was started by Giovanni and Francesco, who serve their gourmet Italian food to Spitalfield Market.

Mama’s goodies are served out of an Ape Classic in true Italian fashion. For those not in the know, the Ape Classic is a three-wheeled vehicle and a symbol of hard-working families and cultural heritage in Italy. When they look at an Ape Classic, many Italians think of markets full of fruit, vegetables, and other delicious goods.

Take a slice of this Italian heritage, and check out Mama’s Goodies. We highly recommend their Mamma Pippa Panini filled with pecorino, courgette, mushroom, and rocket. For those looking for a vegan option — their Mamma Vegan is your go-to as it is filled with pepper pesto, sun-dried tomato, courgette, and rocket.

We make a stop at Spitalfields Market as part of our Eat the East End Tour, where we show you the finest culinary delights the East End offers. So if you want to squeeze every bit of flavour out of the market, we hope you’ll consider coming on tour with us!

Park Row

If you’re looking for unique places to eat in London, Park Row must be at the top of your list. Park Row was the first DC-Comic inspired restaurant experience in the world. Immerse yourself in the world of DC through theatrical gastronomy.

Try out dishes subtly inspired by the DC universe and enjoy the sights.

Try out their cocktail called “The Riddler” with ox, horseradish, hibiscus, carabinero prawn, wasabi, and soy.

Highlight: To get to the restaurant, you have to go through the “Bat Cave”. It just doesn’t get much cooler than that, right!

Beigel Bake

Beigel Bake

Your one-stop shop for all things bagel, Beigel Bake is a bakery on Brick line that delivers bagels and other baked goods straight to your door.

This family-run establishment was founded in 1974 and is a must-visit in Brick Lane. Their salt beef platter is to die for and sustain a family for a day exploring London.

Choose from their savoury and sweet bagels at reasonable prices for an authentic part of Jewish cuisine.

Dans le Noir

Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience at Dans le Noir. If you hadn’t guessed already from the name, you’re served delectable delights in complete darkness in this restaurant. It’ll completely change the way you taste food forever.

Dans le Noir is, without doubt, one of the most original restaurants in the world, and for the film fans of you out there, it was the location of the meet-cute between Mary and Tim in Richard Curtis’s About Time.

Who knows — maybe you’ll get your own rom-com moment if you attend!

To enjoy an evening at Dans le Noir, let them know about your dietary requirements, and then they’ll prepare a surprise menu just for you! It can’t get more unique than that!

Bob Bob Ricard Soho

Bob Bob Ricard Soho

You’d think it would be challenging to stand out in a city of 18,110 restaurants, but Bob Bob Ricard in Soho does just that. The restaurant comprises glamorous booths equipped with mini curtains to provide privacy for guests. The decor makes you feel you’ve stepped into a Wes Anderson movie, with its perfect symmetry and rich colour palate.

Tuck into its menu of timeless British and Russian classics. Most importantly, you never need to run out of champagne as each booth has a press-for-champagne button. As a result, this restaurant pours more champagne than any other eatery in the UK!

Top Tip: There is a dress code! Make sure to wear formal fashion wear.

Well, there you have it. This is our list of unique places to eat in London. Needless to say, we have only scratched the surface of what you can expect to find in London, but we hope we’ve whetted your appetite before your next visit. If you’d like to experience London’s food scene with passionate and knowledgeable local guides, please get in touch. Your tasty trip to London could be just a few clicks away.

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