What are Some of The Best Markets in London?

London is a city that never stops. Whether it’s a pop-up club night, the latest Hollywood movie being filmed on its streets, or interesting new food spots that change the way we think about food. London has it all. This doesn’t surprise us here at London Bites as we’ve made it our business to show tourists (and even the locals) everything London has to offer — especially when it comes to food!

If you’d like to sample some of the Big Smoke’s cuisine with help from our tour guides who really know their stuff — take a look at our London food tours. And if you have any questions at all, please get in touch!

Borough Market

Borough Market has brought the finest quality food to London’s streets since 1756; originally a stall by London Bridge, it’s now a staple of London life.

Borough Market almost has too much to choose from, but that’s a good thing! It means you’ll have to come back, again and again, to ensure you’re getting the best flavours and culinary experiences. 

We highly recommend that you check out Alsop & Walker’s stall; their cheese selection from East Sussex is to die for.

Top Tip: Are you looking for a cute date night idea? Each Wednesday and Saturday from the 4th of May the market is transformed into an outdoor dining spot! Cool right?

Borough-Market | London Bites
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Pimlico Farmer’s Market

Pimlico is a moment of calm in the centre of London. Home to cute cafes, stunning architecture, and independent shops, it’s no surprise that it also has one of the best markets in London!

Located on Pimlico Road, this popular farmer’s market is open every week without fail, rain or shine!

Make sure to take your time browsing their artisanal selection of fresh pasta, fruit and veg, bread, and a mouth-watering selection of cheeses! You can’t go wrong!

Top Tip: Pimlico Farmer’s Market is passionate about helping the environment — so they encourage all customers to bring their own containers and cutlery to save on plastic! So make sure to bring along your finest Tupperware and bags!

Spitalfield’s Market

This is one of our favourite places to eat in London — so it’s no surprise that it has made its way into our London East End Food Tour. On this tour, we learn about the history of the market and try out a selection of the best food on offer!

Whilst you’re there, we highly recommend you check out the Dumpling Shack. Once you’ve tasted these dumplings, you won’t want to get your dumplings from anywhere else!

It’s not just food that Spitalfield excels at: they’ve also got an incredible selection of clothing and trinket stalls to browse once you’ve eaten your fill!

If you’d like to learn more about Spitalfields Market, check our guide to Spitalfields market discussing everything we love about this iconic spot.

Brick Lane Market

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique piece of bric-a-brac — a term we use affectionately here at London Food Tours! Brick Lane Market is the place to go if you’re going to find a diamond in the rough — whether it’s a collectable item or something that reminds you of a childhood spent at your grandmother’s house…

It’s not just trinkets that you can expect to find at Brick Lane market; there’s also so much food to choose from! On Sundays in Brick Lane Market, you’ll find local food spots that specialise in all sorts of different cuisines. Oh no, what a shame, you’ll have to try multiple stalls to see which one is your favourite.

Top Tip: Are you looking for a way to refresh your wardrobe but also want to help the planet at the same time? Then you’re in luck with Brick Lane’s sister market. The Old Truman Brewery Market hosts a vintage clothing sale from Thursday to Sunday!

Columbia Road Shop & Flower Market

You’ll be head over heels in love with Columbia Road Shop & Flower Market. Even if you don’t purchase any of their incredible selection of flowers, it makes for the perfect day out and an aesthetically pleasing IG-Post.

Their fresh selection of flowers changes according to the season, so there’s always something new to look at!

It’s not just flowers you’ll have to choose from either — if you’re more of a house plant fiend, check out their selection of succulents, cacti, and various other indoor and outdoor plants!

Take your time browsing the varied shops, and treat yourself to something… Go on — you deserve it!

Camden Market

Camden Market is arguably the most trendy market in London, with the likes of Kate Moss, Daniel Craig, and Gwen Stefani spotted browsing its stalls.

If you’re looking for a market with a classic London atmosphere, then Camden Market is the place to be. Browse their selection of crafts, vintage clothing and, most importantly, food! It’s a famous market with over 250,000 people visiting each week; this many people can’t be wrong!

You cannot go to Camden market without trying Lords of Poké; their mouth-watering poké bowls will become your go-to when visiting the market. As well as their delicious poké bowls, we also recommend trying out their smoothie bowls for a health kick that’s also tasty!

Well, there you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of the best marketplaces in London. If we’ve done our job correctly, you’ll be inspired to grab a deal or two in London’s best food places. If you’d like to learn more about our London Food Tours, please get in touch!