Launching Our New ‘Eat the East End’ Food Tour

Our first London Bites food tour is now running. We’ve already enjoyed the pleasure of welcoming guests from around the world. London is truly a global city – it opens its arms to travellers from across the world and offers up a dizzy array of experiences. There’s perhaps no better illustration of this than in London’s food scene – name an international cuisine, and you’ll find an exemplary sampling of it somewhere in London.

Our Eat the East End food tour has been designed to showcase the communities living and thriving in London’s East End, an area of the city that has been shaped by waves of immigration going back centuries.

Each community brought its own unique culture and cuisine, leaving us with the diversity and vibrancy that encapsulates the East End today. (We touched on this subject in more detail in our recent What is the best Indian restaurant on Brick Lane, London? blog.)

London Street Art

What is a London Bites food tour?

On each of our food tours, we explore a neighbourhood of London. Over the course of three hours, we’ll hear stories and tales about the history of the area and some of the famous and infamous goings-on that have occurred here.

During each tour, we stop at six different food vendors. Each vendor has a dish that tells their unique story and about London as they know it.

Our tours can be seen as a travelling lunch – the adventure of travel and the deliciousness of great food rolled into one.

By the end of the tour, we guarantee your stomachs will be full of fantastic food made by extraordinary people.

Beigel Bake London restaurant sign

Why should I book with London Bites?

Our food tours focus not just on the food but also on the people that prepare it. We believe that communities tell their best stories via food. After all, traditional forms of cooking are often passed down through generations: grandmothers sharing much-loved, tried, and tested recipes or families keeping a bakery or market business alive from one era to the next.

As with art and storytelling, good cooking is an intensely creative endeavour. On a single plate, you can learn a lot about the person who prepared the food and even the ethnic or cultural background they belong to. This ability of food to showcase cultures is one of the things that we’re most passionate about at London Bites, and it’s often the aspect our guests are most thankful for.

Indulging a unique, locally-prepared dish gives us an insight into the lives and souls of our neighbours like no other medium. From Jewish beigels to Bangli curries, each dish on our food tours has been chosen specifically to tell a story and create a memorable experience for everyone who joins us.

If you’re not content with just seeing the most popular tourist spots when travelling, then consider one of our food tours. Our expert local guides uncover the magic of neighbourhoods we visit on our tours, so you get a real taste of authentic London life.

When are the food tours and how do I book?

We run our tours every Friday and Saturday at 11.30 am. As the weather gets a bit better, we will expand the frequency of the tours to meet demand. (We know Britain gets a lot of criticism for its weather, but few cities are as glorious as London in the sunshine!)

If you’d like to do a tour on a day that we don’t yet offer, please email us at with your request, and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Meanwhile, our Eat the East End Food Tour can be booked easily and securely online.

We can’t wait to show you all of our favourite food stops!

Guests enjoying a bagel on our London food tour.